Shipping Companies:-

We always make sure me do shipping or air couriers through the trusted brands like FEDEX, UPS, ARAMEX etc. The courier cost is always extra & we from our end provide the approx cost per KG to customer where they can get a fair idea of the shipping cost. Incase if a customer wishes to do the shipping on their own or collect the invites directly from any showroom in India, then also it is fine.

Shipping Time:-

Shipping time completely depends on the location of the customer. Generally shipping by Air takes around 7 to 9 working days to reach the customer location.


During shipping there may be an occurrence of Natural calamities like Floods, Earth Quake which are beyond our control & nothing can be done about it. In cases if there are any errors done from the shipping company for eg :- Late Delivery or Damaged goods, then customer can take the necessary actions against them.

There are countries who have strict rules and regulations on customs, in such cases VARDA or neither the shipping company cannot intervene in the issue. The customer him / herself have to look into the situation and resolve.