Varda Faq

Free consultation

Q1) Do we have to visit any VARDA outlet for the consultation? A)We definitely recommend you to visit for a better experience, but if not possible then you can also meet our designers over video conferencing.
Q2) How does it work? A)You get a direct access with our designers who will understand all the vital areas of your requirement, choice & liking. The team will then guide you what are the latest trends in the wedding invitation industry & what can be the best concept which will be suitable as well as value for money in your comfort zone of spending.
Q3) Can you give us the approx idea of costing if we wish to go ahead with you? A)Yes, ones we have your entire details.
Q4) Can we buy only the designs from VARDA? A)No.
Q5) If we have a design concept ready, then can we print and manufacture from VARDA? A)Yes.

Home Visit

Q1) Do you charge for home visit? A) Yes. All the details will be shared by relationship executives.
Q2) Do you visit anywhere in India? A) Yes
Q3) Do you visit out of India as well? A) Yes
Q4) How quickly can VARDA executives visit? A) It depends on the customer’s location & availability of VARDA executives. You will be given the details after you submit the detail form.
Q4) Do you bring all the samples available at the VARDA showroom? A) We possibly cannot as there are more than 500 designs available at the showroom, but we make sure we bring the best suitable product according to your choice & budget.
Q5) What if we don’t like any designs brought during the home visit? A) Such incidences don’t occur because we make sure we always carry our design bank along with us where we have images of rest of the designs which are available at our showroom.
Q6) Do we still pay you the visiting charges if we don’t like the designs? A) Yes
Q7) If we place the order with VARDA, do we get any benefits? A) Yes, if the home visit is in proximity of any VARDA showroom then we adjust the delivery charges in the order placed.
Q8) Can a relationship executive visit home for further proceedings like for eg :- Text corrections,design proofing, etc.? A) All the further proceedings will be carried out by Emails for smoother functioning.
Q9) Ones the Invitations are ready do you deliver them at our home? A) Yes, we can deliver it ones the entire balance payment is cleared along with the courier cost.

See Cards on Skype Video conference

Q1) What if I don’t prefer Skype? What if my operating system or region does not support? A) We can come over any alternate platform for video conferencing like:- Face time – Viber – Google Hangout etc.
Q2) Can I directly call you over Skype as soon as we add you? A) Video Conferencing can be done only after fixing an appointment so that our relationship executives can serve you better.
Q3) Can you make a Skype id for us? A) We cannot do that.
Q4) Can we choose any particular location of showroom to do video conferencing with? A) Yes. You can request it on mail.
Q5) Can we reschedule appointments in case if required? A) Yes
Q6) Can we see the entire collection of designs over Skype? A) Yes
Q7) Can we order samples which we see over Skype? A) There are certain designs which you can buy as a sample, as we are into customized industry there are designs which are particularly made for a specific customers, which are limited and are for display & reference purpose.
Q8) Are you available 24X7 for video conferencing? As our time zones are different from India. A) We are not available 24X7, but we may definitely arrange time schedules as much as possible in your comfort timings.
Q9) What are the office timings? A) 10 A.M to 8P.M ( Monday to Saturday )
Q10) If we do a 2nd meeting over video conferencing, do we meet the same the same person or we will have to do it with some other executive? A) You will meet the same person whom you had interacted with previously.
Q11) Which are the languages I can communicate? A) English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil


Will Add on cards match the main card? A) Yes
Will the rsvp envelopes or any envelopes be pre-glued? A) They will be 100% ready
Can I add extra page /insert in the card? A) Yes. It may cost you accordingly.
Do you provide plastic envelopes/sleeves to protect the cards? A) Yes we provide them for free of cost.
Does add on items cost extra? A) Yes
VAT/GST/PST or custom duty is calculated on what value? A) Yes it will cost 6 % on your total billing value


How do I check the current status of my orders? A) You can login to your account – Go to My Orders – Click on Track Order Link
When and how can I cancel an order? A) You can cancel your order within 5 days after when you have placed your order, after that it cannot be cancelled as our art dept & material sourcing proceedings already starts. You can cancel the order by sending an email.
How to Order in Bulk A) Go to the detailed view window of the product you have like. Click button “Calculate Cost & Add to Cart”.
Can I order via e-mail? A) Yes.
Can I see proofs on my card with my own text before making Bulk order? A) Proofing happens only after the order is placed.
How to get credit for the sample cost? A) Ones the bulk order is placed.
I am unable to order in a required quantity? A) Kindly mail us on
I cannot find the card I liked? A) There may be a chance that a particular design may be discontinued, you can skype us for further assistance.
How much time does it take to ship the cards ones printed? A) It completely depends on the region where it has to be shipped, maximum it takes 7 to 10 days.
Can we order Blank cards? A) We provide cards with printing.
I have paid, and proofing is being done, Can i increase or decrease or add cards or add on items now? A) Yes. You can modify it from your cart.
Minimum order quantity? A) 150. For quantities less than that you can get in touch with us over email.
Can I get my cards delivered in India? A) Yes
Need more cards, can we do a reorder? A) Yes. But production time will again be the same.
Can we order additional inserts? A) Yes
If we order only one insert, will it reduce the price? A) Yes, but it varies from design to design as in some cases it may not reduce the cost.
Is it possible to order only scrolls? A) Yes
Can I Change quantity now, I have already placed the order? A) It is possible to change it if the card has not gone for production.
What all is included in Card price? A) 2 inserts, printing, PVC sleeves & envelope sealer.
I have some doubts on what printing option should i choose? My order is complex - what should i do? A) You can get in touch with our relationship executives via mail.
I want to add an insert/leaf in scroll? A) Yes it can be done via mail.


Do you do India delivery? A) Yes
How does the delivery process work? A) If the order is from any of our showrooms then you will have to get it collected from the particular showroom. If order is placed online then it will be directly shipped at the shipping address.
What are the delivery charges? A) You can get the details from the tab “ Calculate cost & Add to Cart “
Are there any hidden costs (sales tax) on items sold by sellers? A) There are no hidden charges only 5.5% VAT is applicable on total billing.
Can I get some cards delivered to an Indian address and rest to me outside India? A) We can ship all cards at any one particular location.
Order does not/cannot ship to my area. Why? A) Kindly get in touch with us at
Can I do a RUSH Order and is there a fee for this? A) As we are into make to order industry the card processing takes time. We don’t charge any extra fees but may try our level best to deliver at your requested timeline if possible.
Do I have to pay any other cost as taxes/levies/custom duties when my cards arrive to my country? A) It depends on policies of different countries.
Why is the shipping cost too high? A) Shipping cost varies from country to shipping companies & even time. We ensure that we provide you the lowest cost possible.


What is varda’s return policy? A)Already mentioned in Return policy page


What is the postage required to mail invitations?Can I call for any questions? A) We are always happy to help!
Forget password? A) Click on forgot password link and get your renewal link on your registered email id.
Can we change the size of the card? A) Yes, But customization may change the price.
Can we change the paper of the card? A) Yes, but it may result in the change of price.
Any retail outlets? We have 5 retail outlets in India, kindly check the contact us page for more details.


What is Low Quantity order? A) Quantity below 150 cards is considered low order.
Will my Sample cost be adjusted in Low Quantity order? A) Yes. We request you to place you order by mail for low order quantities.
Is there extra charge for Low Quantity Order? A) There are no separate or hidden charges.


Is payment on the site secure? A) Yes it is.
Why was my payment declined? Kindly mail us at
Can we pay by Credit Card Thru Paypal. A) No
How do I pay using a credit/debit card? A) Simply put in your credit / debit card details under the payment section ones you have added the product to cart.
Can I use my bank's Internet Banking feature to make a payment? A) Yes.
How to make bank deposit,Can I pay via bank deposit? A) You can use the below bank details to deposit the amount. Ones done you can mail us your reference number to


How to send text? A) You can send your text content via email in Word doc format.
Printing cost? A) Our products are all inclusive of printing cost.
Proofing procedure? A) Ones the order is placed and we have the details, we 1 st send you sample text options where you can easily edit them and resend. Ones we receive it our art dept will do the designing – layout & font settings & revert back.
Printing in other language than English? A) Yes printing can be done in any language. But we can provide you text references and corrections only in languages like English, Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi.
Can you print the card in two languages, for instance Spanish and English? A) Yes
Symbol choice? A) You will receive it over mail.
Font choice? A) You will receive it over mail.
Text templates? A) You will receive it over mail.
Printing color? A) Will be as per the sample shown or selected & if required can be changed.
Can u print some cards for bride side and some for groom’s side? A) Yes, but the printing cost will be extra depending on the type of design & printing.
Can I change color of the design? A) Yes
Can I print Initials or logo or symbols of my choice? A) Yes
Can I choose and print text in the card for any other event other than wedding? A) Yes
Do u have typing facility for Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Arabic, Hebrew or any language? A) We have these facility for the following languages:- English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi & Tamil.
Is it possible to print a photo on the card? A) Yes.
What is difference between silk screen printing and hot foil printing? A) Silk Screen is a hand printing process which is an ink based, foil printing is a type of printing done on machinery by stamping process. Foil printing has a shiny effect compared to screen printing.
Does the cost of the card include printing? A) Yes
Is it compulsory to pay prior proofing? A) Yes
Do we get to see how the text look likes prior print? A) Yes. Email presentation will be sent.
Do you print guest sticker sheets? A) Yes
Is it possible to print bride and groom name, initials, event date and/or return address on main envelope? A) Yes.
Can we print different text on same insert lets say 40 with one type of text and 60 with other type of text? A) Yes.
Can we do full color printing? Or Can we add our picture or any colored picture on the invitation? Or Full color printing on scroll? A) Yes.
Can we print on both sides of the scroll? A) Yes.
How printing will be charged if we wish to print 2 different text on same insert? A) If the printing processes are same then no additional charge has to be paid.
Does Cake and Sweet box include printing cost? A) Yes.


Do you send samples? A) Yes
How do I order samples? A) Click the tab “ Buy sample “ & fill in all your details.
What is the sample cost? A) Rs 2500 per sample which is inclusive of shipping cost.
What is the delivery time? A) 7 to 9 Days.
Is the sample cost 100% adjustable? A) Yes, ones you place the bulk order.
What is included in a sample card? A) Main card, envelope & 2 inserts
Do we get to see text printing on sample(s)? A) Yes.
How many cards can I choose to order as samples? A) There is no such limit.
Can I buy a personalized printed sample? A) No.
Is Sample cost adjusted in Low Quantity Order (Order below 50 cards)? A) Yes.
What extra charges may apply on sample order? A) None.
Can I order Samples on Cash on Delivery mode (COD)? A) No.